26 July 2020

Francis Hartridge's Celebrated Root Beer - Sweet Sweet Medicine (@NLi10)

Root Beer isn't a particularly English thing - we have Dandelion & Burdock after all.  This however is an English Brewed traditional Root Beer with a little bit of history behind it.

The guy himself is pictured on the bottle and they've been brewing it his way since 1882 (presumably updating the recipe as food hygiene and safety regulations allow).  And while it doesn't look that exciting...

It's got a pretty potent taste!

There is of course a hint of medicine about this, as with all of these old botanical style drink, but it's not a negative experience.  There is almost an overtone here similar to one of my mouth-washes! It's a confusingly pleasant (and rather sugary) experience and more of a sipping drink than a big gulp of cola.

All in all it's something I'd probably get for myself again - and would make a nice 'unusual drink' component to a snack-food gift package.  And I think it's available in a few UK supermarkets still (i've had this bottle a while) which is great!

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