4 July 2020

Pure Brew Ultra Low Alcohol Lager (Ocado) By @SpectreUK

Pure Brew Ultra Low Alcohol Lager

I must have done something wrong at some point… Cinabar is plying me with low alcohol lager! I only have an alcoholic drink four days a week, and that's after a considerable amount of exercise to burn off the extra calories. I did have a big beer the other night that went straight to my head. Maybe this Pure Brew Ultra Low Alcohol Lager from the Open Gate Brewery, Guinness & Company, Dublin, is a hint because of that?

At 0.5% volume The Open Gate Brewery states on the back of the bottle that they are drawing on over 250 years of Guinness brewing expertise to create beers, such as this Pure Brew Ultra Low Alcohol Lager. They state on the label that they fully brew their low alcohol beer without the need to evaporate off the alcohol (mores the pity) whilst keeping the flavour (huzzah). I'm sure that's true, however, the truth is at the bottom of a glass… so they say!

I was impressed to see that there are only 92 calories in this low alcohol lager. It's not marketed as low in calories, but it's certainly a plus for those, like me, that are trying to keep their weight down. I am just hoping that the low calories won't reflect on the flavour.

On opening the 330ml bottle there was a decent fizz and a sweet smell of roasted barley with herbal hops to finish. On taste this deep golden straw coloured lager tastes a little like a brown ale mixed with a lager. This is not a bad thing, as the sweetness from the malted barley hit my tastebuds first with a flavoursome burst, followed by the light bitterness from the herbal hops. It's a perfectly balanced sweet and bitter bubbly beer… lager not a bitter, and in my moreish drinking confusion I completely forgot about the lack of alcohol.

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