5 July 2020

Twix Salted Caramel Xtra (@NLi10)

Twix Salted Caramel has been around for a while - in fact our resident Twixpert Spectre had a look at these when they first appeared.  

Now these are showing up in a few more places - and in the proper big size too!

Although I did give half away to my partner to get a second opinion (a small price to pay)

And it's basically a salty Twix!  Well - it does seem a little like the salt is between the caramel and the biscuit rater than mixed in with the topping.  And it's enjoyable - but it's not quite as revolutionary as I'd hoped.

It did however give me an idea - if they can pop salt in between the two layers then what about other things?  Could we have lemon Twix or Blueberry Twix?  I'm guessing jam isn't a great idea but I'm sure some kind of magic flavour dust could get in here.

Other than the various choc toppings I don't think I've seen many alt-Twix and although I'd probably buy real Twix more, it'd be cool to have the Kit Kat treatment here too (but don't tell Spectre as I don't think he'd be a fan).

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