18 July 2020

Carullo Especial Beer (Aldi) By @SpectreUK

Carullo Especial Beer

I was trying to find out where this Carullo Especial was produced and stumbled over a few reviews of this lager, which seems to have been brewed in the Netherlands. The reviews were a little scathing or at least the drinkers seemed to believe that nothing Especial is happening with this lager. Oh well, I've decided to write a review about this 4.8% volume, Carullo Especial, so here goes…

I must admit I've written quite a few reviews about beers from all over the place, but I can't for the life of me remember writing or even drinking a beer from The Netherlands. There was a lot of red on this bottle, which I suppose was 'red rag to a bull' to some people who drank it (pun intended regarding the bull on the front of the bottle). I did notice on the back of the bottle in tiny writing (give me a minute… I'm getting old and can't see so well) that the calories are 108 per half pint, which is quite high for a regular beer. I'm just glad I've worked out today.

So after the one time revelation of reading other people's reviews of a beer, even the bright red label wasn't particularly inspiring me to open the bottle, but open it I did… There was a deep wheat and yeasty smell to begin with, almost toast like in aroma. This bubbly lager had a deep golden colour with a slightly frothy top. On taste there was that almost toasty flavour of wheat and mixed sweet malts, with a lightly herbal hoppy bitterness closely following. It was pretty inoffensive, and I couldn't quite tell why people seemed to dislike it so much.

I agree with one of the reviews that the frothy top disappeared pretty quickly. I must say that I didn't dislike this beer. I know many people said that it is a mid-range uninteresting less than Especial beer. Personally I kind of wish I'd drunk it with my evening meal though, instead of waiting until later. It would probably go better with a spicy dish though, rather than my salmon meal, so maybe not. I probably wouldn't rush out and get another one, but I certainly wouldn't be miffed if Cinabar bought another one back from the shops… it would probably go well with a good spicy curry!

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