2 July 2020

Mangajo - Pomegranate & Green Tea (@NLi10) - Water Juice & Tea all together!

I've already talked about this one before - but it was 9 years ago it turns out!  This doesn't feel like something that could have been around that long - so what did they do right that I just didn't spot?

First of all the health halo on this one is HUGE - Pom & Green tea and no added sugar?  So what is actually inside.

As my past-self's abject disappointment showed - this is water. 11% of the drink is fruit juice (only 2% of which is Pomegranate) and there is 9g of green tea powder per litre.  While that's not much thats possibly enough to give you a boost.

All it really claims to be is hydrating, which is pretty easy.  And it achieves that - see how empty the bottle is?  These juicy waters were all the rage for a time, and still seem to crop up - and this is at least a natural one.

So then - if you fancy a flavoured water, and only want a little one (250ml) and don't mind paying a premium for less chemicals then it's a decent product.  I did enjoy the drink.  And I guess it's low calorie too. 

It's just hard to recommend as a first choice when there are real water, juice and tea usually available right next to these.

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