9 July 2020

Tasty Bite - Tikka Masala Chunky Vegetable Curry - in 60 seconds! (@NLi10)

It's another lock-down dinner - what could possibly liven up this Quorn and home-grown courgette?

Why, this lunch sized curry pouch of course!

Tasty Bite Tikka Masala Chunky Vegetable Curry is essentially a whole lunch in itself, but with the super absorbent Quorn I figured I'd try mixing it all together for variety.

Originally I'd saved this to do their wrap suggestion with left over meal kit wraps, but I kept finishing them all - Quorn it is!

Bag curry has a very distinctive look...

Cooks up OK though

And serves well too - the little potato squares went really well, and although it's not as spicy as I'd usually go it worked really well as a nice summer evening dish.  Using lunch pouches as a chunky sauce with most of the ingredients already in was a success.  Shall have to try this again!

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