29 July 2020

Mr Stanley's Superior Chocolate Cigars (Amazon) By @SpectreUK

Mr Stanley's Superior Chocolate Cigars

I gave up smoking over twenty years ago. I used to smoke cigarettes mainly and also the odd cigar now and then. The now and then was mainly around my Birthday or Christmas time. My favourite type of cigar was a big fat Cuban cigar which would take me an hour or two to smoke, and usually with quite a few beverages accompanying it. Nowadays I'm more of a one drink a few times a week type of guy, mainly because of the calories and having to count them in order to keep my weight down to save my poor old knees. I don't miss fags at all, asides the odd bizarre craving when I'm really stressed about something. The only time I miss cigars are on my Birthday and on Christmas Day. Well, Cinabar, being the wonderful partner she is always looks for chocolate cigars to help me reminisce during celebratory periods.

Mr Stanley's Hand Made Best of British Superior Finest Quality Chocolate Cigars are "Carefully Crafted in England", so much for the Cuban experience, but hey anything with a name like "Mr Stanley's Hand Made Best of British Superior Finest Quality Chocolate Cigars" should be pretty good… right? On pealing back the slide card box there were four individually foil wrapped cigars with Mr. Stanley's brand wrapped around them. The presentation of the classic looking chocolate cigars was very impressive. On looking at the traditional 'olde world' type box design and the presentation of the cigars inside, I really felt like I was being spoiled… and why not, it is my Birthday after all.

So what about the taste? On unwrapping the first slimline milk chocolate cigar there was a slight swirling pattern on the outside of the cigar shaped milk chocolate stick. I usually suck on a chocolate cigar for a little while letting it melt in my mouth. Unfortunately this chocolate cigar caught me at a bad time. I'd worked out quite a bit first thing in the morning and had already burnt through the calories from most of my lunch when I came to write about this milk chocolate cigar. So this particular milk chocolate cigar didn't last long enough to take a photograph of it unwrapped. In fact I chomped straight through it in double time. The milk chocolate was certainly good enough to melt in my mouth though, and I'm sure I'll savour the next three. It was a certainly a superior treat anyway. I'll just pick a less hungry time to eat the rest of them!

Information on the box;
The 80g box contains four cigars. At 100g the calories are 539, with 31.5g of fat, 54.9g of sugar, 6.4g of protein, and 0.2g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Mr Stanley's Superior Chocolate Cigars

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