25 July 2020

Brewdog Quench Quake (Asda) By @SpectreUK

Brewdog Quench Quake

What's with all these sour beers Cinabar keeps buying me? I'm sure I've done something wrong! It's only the odd one here and there that I actually enjoy. Produced by Brewdog, this 4.6% volume Quench Quake is a citrus sour. The additional grapefruit and tangerine in the ingredients are supposed to create a seismic quake in your tastebuds. Boasting tart flavours of lemon, tangerine, grapefruit and sour apple, and with barley biscuit flavour, this Quench Quake does sound like something to drink in the summertime.

On opening the bottle there was certainly a very sour citrus aroma and with a touch of malted barley. This bright shining golden sour beer is also pretty fizzy. On first taste the sourness pounced on my tastebuds without the slightest warning or tremor. Gosh what a tart blast to my senses it was, but it was not unpleasant like some of the other sour beers I've tried. However I couldn't pick out the different citrus flavours in the sourness. There is certainly an initial sour citrus flavour though which is fairly closely followed by a sweetness from the malted barley. There is still that citrusy sourness throughout the flavour, which like I said, is not unpleasant but certainly quenches any thirst I had before starting!

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