23 July 2020

Polish Pierogi Dumplings with Spinach (@NLi10)

Way Way back in the early days of lockdown (April) I found these dumplings full of red jam and reviewed them.  Now (hopefully) near the end of lock-down I discovered that one of the other flavours is more suitable for dinner - and is both veggie and no cheese/mushrooms.

Pierogi are essentially filled dumplings, and take the position of Gnocchi or Gyoza in the Polish food section.

These are dumplings with spinach - and you can either fry them for crispness, or just parboil them - and this time I read the instructions first and didn't keep boiling after so they were a much more solid texture and less weird.

Two persons sweaty dumplings look like this

Here they are having a nice hot (but short) bath.

My partner had hers with a mixed salad as she is healthy.

I had a bit of fruit and olives.

You can see the spinach mix here too - like a filled pasta this is where the 'luxury' versions could hide all kinds of magic.  For these cheap, import ones the spinach was nice - all mushed up but still having a texture and flavour you could recognise.

I'm not sure these are 'normal' enough for an English palette but I do like these and wonder if I should be doing more gravy based things with them.  I'll have to find a Polish restaurant and find out!

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