5 April 2020

Pierogi! Strawberry Dumplings (& vegan bacon) (@NLi10)

More import exotic supermarket finds!  I wanted the potato style dumplings, but they all had mushrooms or cheese in them which I don't like, or meat in which my partner doesn't eat.

So we got the fruit one!

£1.50 for two people worth of dumplings is very fine.

Semi-finished? Ready to eat (after you cook it).  Translated foods are the best foods.  I cooked them like Gnocci so when they floated they were done - and this worked really well.  Then I read the cooking instructions below the ingredients.  I did it right!  Seems you can fry them like gyoza.  Thats another night sorted.

They look like baby rays.

And they look a bit more like potato pasta when cooked, which I'm fine with.  And the vegan bacon added a nice saltiness to the sweetness of the strawberry stuff.  It's basically like mushed fruit, not jam, and it does work as a dinner, but I'm convinced this might be a pudding.

I'm not sure we could eat any of the other versions together, but maybe I'll fry up some of the meat ones for myself for lunch one day.

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