26 April 2020

PieMinister - but not pies! Chana-rama, Vegan Patties (by @NLi10)

This happens a lot with foods.  A brand you trust comes out with some slightly tangential foods, that while they don't really suit their name - do suit their ethos.

pieMinister make Pies, and pub food taste better.  Now they make Patties.  Not Pasties, which is interesting.

I chose the vegan one so my partner could join me in the eating.  Sounds great.

Full of nutrition and actual lumps of food, which is kind of the PieMinister trademark.  We even get a Pie token for eating the not-pie.

And they look pretty great too - even if I did blatantly add more poppadom crisps after I took the photo.

As predicted, they are chunky beasts!  Although I did wish I'd got us two each - even as a lunch.  The flavours are strong and exciting, and the textures are crispy and crunchy.

Also - because Ocado sell them I can just add them to the order once a fortnight and stay safely locked down away from the bugs (always clean your shopping on delivery!).

I'll try to get the meat versions of these added to the next order and see if they add a different dimension.  as it is, this is basically a hand-held lunch pie and a great addition to the range.

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