10 April 2020

Easter Nests Baklava (Lidl) By @Cinabar

I purchased these Easter Nests Baklava in Lidl before the current apocalypse struck, back in times when going to buy daft fun Easter snacks didn’t feel like an unnecessary trip that would put us in danger. I’m looking forward to the days when browsing a supermarket isn’t stressful anymore. Thankfully I am quite well stocked with things to write about for now, here is hoping we can keep this daily blogging going! I like a challenge, when you see me writing about tinned carrots I’ve got desperate. :-D
So it is Good Friday and it is nearly Easter, so we are celebrating with these Easter Nests Baklava. There are eight in the box, but they are fairly small. There is a crispy nest, filled with fudge and topped with a mini egg. I took one out of the tray and it is super sticky, the nest is covered in syrup. I bit in and it crumbled everywhere, these are dangerous folks, but gloriously so! The texture was amazing, there are crispy yet sticky, firm yet soft and it was an array of wonderful textures. As a fan of textures in food I was in heaven. The sweetness was wonderful too, sweet sugary, fudge, pastry, chocolate oh my word these are something quite special. They cheered us up on a very strange bank holiday and as soon as I can get out to buy more Baklava rest assured I will!

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