23 April 2020

Corn, Brown rice, Quinoa - but as Mafalda Corta 'pasta'! (@NLi10)

There are few things I like more than good pasta.  So - when doing online orders I often sneak a bag of a luxury shape into the basket.  This time I went for a new gluten free pasta that looked fun - then I forgot.

Consequently when I used 5 different varieties to make this I didn't even notice and ate gluten free pasta as part of the mix.

You can best see the fins hiding at the top right.

But what about without the really strong sauces? 

Well - it's not quite pasta - but it's pretty good!  I suspect I overcooked it a little here as it's not al dente, but there is still a little bite to it.  It has the courser texture that you expect from gluten free products, but not in a way that it sticks out.

Overall, with our 'stir fry salad' it worked really well - a little bit grainy, a little bit pasta-like.  I don't think it'll replace the normal Garofollo pasta range for me, but I'm happy that my gluten free friends and family have something close to indulge on.

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