19 April 2020

Replacement grade cola - Barr (@NLi10)

Before we get started - here is a video a guy I vaguely know made about thanking the NHS with the side of his house!  I enjoyed it - you might too.

Still in lockdown, still making as few trips out of the house as I can (although I'm having to be in the office Monday & Friday next week so potential for more snacks then).  I did however go to the local corner shop (that isn't on a corner) for milk and break so decided to get some cola.

But they were out of Pepsi!  I had to choose a replacement cola quickly as there was a queue outside the shop (due to someone sending a parcel and only 2 in the shop at a time).  I'd reviewed the Jamaican brand before so I risked a big £1 bottle of the Barr cola.

I remember drinking Barr as a young person.  I think that my nan used to buy the Lemonade - and we all know how great Irn bru is (was).  Not even the stylish glass can convince me that this is the real thing.

I mean it's fine - it's not Fentimans (which the shop would never sell) and it's not even Pepsi.  It's cheaper though so if it's an option it might be fine.

To make it cheap though they removed a lot of the sugar to get it under the tax threshold and added artificial nonsense instead.  I understand why this is necessary - not everyone can drink a bottle 250ml at a time (I think I probably get 6 servings out of a bottle) and even when in lockdown pure sugar isn't great for anyone.

Shame really, it's not a bad cola and we drank it without complaint.  I don't think I'd get this instead of the Jamaican cola though.


zeddy said...

It's a bit Rolla Cola.
Ask Peter Kay, he'll explain.

NLi10 said...

Midlands is close enough to Leeds that I get it. The old colas were just solid sugar!