14 April 2020

Aero Chocolate Caramel (Asda) By @Cinabar

This Aero Chocolate Caramel bar is a new product in the Aero range. I do really like caramel as a flavour but I do also see it as being a bit lazy. Everyone likes caramel, you can’t really go wrong with caramel, but it isn’t ground baking. As for those companies adding a bit of salt to the mix, you are still lacking adventure.
A new flavour of Aero is still a new flavour, and I was still keen to try it, the irony being that I too like caramel. The first thing that hit me was the amazing aroma once the wrapper was opened. There was the most sweet rich scent of caramel and burnt sugar, it practically filled the room and I couldn’t wait to try a piece. I broke a strip off the bar and the scent was intoxicatingly good. The inside of the bar was all milk chocolate in colour, so there wasn’t a caramel layer as such, just the chocolate is flavoured with caramel. I guess it would have been difficult to make aerated chocolate with a caramel layer.
The chocolate does taste amazing, it has lovely tones of milk chocolate and loads of sweet caramel, I was rather impressed. I do have to say I do have a sweet tooth so that might well be why this worked so well for me, I loved every bite. Caramel might not been the most daring combination, but I guess the point is you can’t go wrong with it.


Casey B said...

'It would have been difficult to make aerated chocolate with a caramel layer' - Wispa Gold comes to mind, so it has been done, jut not by Nestlé.

It's encouraging to hear that this is good, though. I'll have to hunt some down after lockdown.

cinabar said...

You are very right, I totally forgot about Wispa Gold!!!

paulham said...


I have a vague recollection we had it too years ago.

Nestle raped the products of Rowntree Mackintosh and left us with sh*t.
I do not say this lightly.

paulham said...



cinabar said...

Well Paulham - what can I say, that is embarrassing!!!
Turns out I have eaten more chocolate than I can remember. :-D