30 April 2020

I’ve never had the curry Pot Noodle before (@NLi10)

Ok - so for a snack based person there are some really common things I’ve just never tried before. When I saw the Curry Pot Noodle in the hospital shop I bought one as an emergency back-up. And due to lockdown I finally ate it (about 6 months later).

I know why I’ve never had this, quite simply I love the brown beef flavour Pot Noodle. It’s perfect festival food, great for a guilty lunch, and it comes in its own pot. The sauce is good too - red sauce comes with that one. The bigger size ones exist in that flavour too so why would I stray?

Some of the other flavours contain mushrooms, and as a child I’d heard curry was spicy so I never ate it - or this version. I’ve had a lot of special editions which were fine I guess, but the brown beef one is king.

This comes with mango sauce - not chutney - which is both reassuring and disturbing at the same time. It’s kind of right, but also - you don’t put the chutney in the curry. Am I supposed to eat the sauce with crisps as a starter? It smells like a fairly standard curry.

And it’s really not much to look at when done, but it tastes fine, it’s filling, and it has lots of salty goodness to keep you going. Sauce was decent, but again, it’s for popadoms not noodles.

I feel you’ve been short changed on the picture front today so here is a picture of Luna investigating the odd noises that come from the PS4 controller in some games. 

Stay safe!

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