8 April 2020

Nestle Lindahls Kvarg White Chocolate (Sainsbury’s) By @SpectreUK

I'm well into the third week of my gym being closed. I've been going cold turkey on the place since then. I'm really missing the outside pool and the sauna. I also miss the people, as I like to chat with anyone and everyone there. It can be often be a very friendly and relaxing place. For someone who has been rehabilitating from a second knee operation, amongst other past operations, this passed couple of weeks has been an interesting time. Especially as my physiotherapist's last words to me in January echoed my surgeon's from before Christmas; "keep up with all your exercises and don't put any weight on". The is especially trying when I'm still quite greedy and I also like to drink the odd beer or three a week.

So I've been carrying out my latest cunning plan to do all of my regular abs exercises and stretches that I usually split between home and the gym everyday at home instead. Fortunately I have some old free weights I still use for upper body weight lifting, which I've now added in squats with weights, as well as single leg squats and calf raises three days a week. I'm still watching my calories and not overeating. I was attending yoga classes three times a week at the gym, but memorised some of the yoga moves and now do yoga at home on three of the days that I don't weight lift on. I go for a twenty minute walk and try to do a short jog almost everyday. I weighed myself at the same time I usually do last Saturday morning and I haven't put any weight on yet, and my old bod isn't looking too shabby, so my new home exercise routine is going well.

Everyday I have a high protein yoghurt with my lunch. One of the brands I usually eat are Nestle Lindahls Kvarg, which is produced in Sweden and is mainly made with quark from milk. I like Nestle Lindahls Kvarg vanilla flavour as it especially goes well with fruit, and I also like their strawberry flavour. This new White Chocolate flavour sounded quite a treat due to the fact that white chocolate is probably my favourite type of chocolate, with milk chocolate as a very close second. I've been missing out on my white hot chocolate drinks every night recently because milk is fairly scarce at the moment.

On peeling back the lid the white yoghurt inside had a smell of white chocolate and yoghurt. The problem I've found with products that claim to be chocolate flavoured is that they are often chocolate flavoured but predominantly taste of whatever they are supposed to be, such as in this occasion I'm now expecting this white chocolate Nestle Lindahls Kvarg to taste predominantly of yoghurt with a hint of white chocolate. I may be wrong, as I haven't actually tasted it yet… I know this sounds a bit nuts, but at least I'm honest, as I write blogs whilst I'm tasting whatever I'm writing about at the time.

I was also worried that this white chocolate Nestle Lindahls Kvarg would possibly taste like the vanilla flavour. I like the vanilla flavour, as I mentioned earlier, but I've previously had crisp flavours from the same brand claiming to be a different flavour and they ended up tasting exactly like the original flavour. Here we have an example of a yoghurt that does taste a little of white chocolate, I'll grant it that, and it also doesn't taste like their vanilla yoghurt, but it does taste predominantly of yoghurt. This is not a bad thing, but an actual white chocolate bar has more of a creamy flavour to it, so the yoghurt pulled my tastebuds away from that creaminess. On a blind taste test I'd probably pick this yoghurt out as a less flavoursome vanilla yoghurt from a different brand, and not as white chocolate flavoured. Don't get me wrong, I'd have this Nestle Lindahls Kvarg white chocolate flavour again, but if it's scarce then their vanilla flavour is just as good if slightly better, as at least it tastes of what it's supposed to be.

Information on the pot;
The 150g pot contains 95 calories, with 0.3g of fat, 4.7g of sugar, 0.15g of salt, and 17g of protein. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

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