12 April 2020

Our Free NHS Uber Eats & a cheap Lidl beer (@NLi10)

We managed to snag one of the 2nd batch of NHS uber eats codes and ordered from a local place (Red Oven, Bearwood) that we don't tend to visit (one of our favourite places is about 100m away). I had a Chicken Tikka Chilli Pudhina Masala - it was far too hot (but I'd have it again). 

To cool down the spice I decided to go with a beer that my Mom donated to me - one of the cheap but stylish ones that Lidl have put out - Galereux.

I'm not sure what makes a Larger Premium, but its won awards online so it can't be that bad - right?!

You can practically feel the heat of this dinner!  Essentially using the NHS code got one of the two dinners free.  As I paid I can pretend I bought my partners and got mine free.  Pretty generous - thanks!!

The flavours were a mix of indian spice and chilli on top, giving it a very 'English' Curry feel, but with the fresh ingredients the flavour was wonderfully deep.  The beer didn't quite do the magic trick (if you manage to pair them up perfectly both curry and beer are transformed magically), I don't think this larger was designed for that.  But - it did reduce the heat enough to make it to the end (but not enough to eat all the sauce).

It's not a beer I'd want solo - it's far too much of a football larger - all aftertaste and no body - but it did the job here.

I'm virtually out of things to review in the house now so I might have to venture out on my government appointed exercise walk...

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