27 April 2020

Oykos Yoghurt - Date Sauce, Sticky Toffee and Cake (Asda) By @Cinabar

Strangely enough I didn’t eat that much yoghurt before lockdown, I’d have the occasional one if I saw a new flavour or something interesting but it wasn’t really a regular occurrence for me. Since the lockdown began I have been having one with my lunch almost every day, it has sort of become a new routine. This has also meant I’ve been on the search (via online shopping) to find interesting flavours and new varieties. This is the first I’ve seen of the brand Oykos, and if I’m completely honest the brand is so new to me I’m not even sure how to pronounce it. Naturally I chose the flavour that sounded the best; Date Sauce, Sticky Toffee and Cake.

The cake layer is a crumb at the bottom mixed with toffee sauce, then there is a layer of Greek style yoghurt and on top of that a date sauce. It looked very luxurious. I liked the mix of flavours too, the date was sweet and tasted naughty, but the rich toffee sauce if where this yoghurt really excelled, it was wonderfully indulgent. The sponge added texture which was nice and made it feel more like a sticky toffee pudding. The yoghurt was creamy and added a nice contrast to the flavours. This was an indulgent treat and not my usual low fat yoghurt, but I will be buying them again.

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