16 April 2020

Loma Linda - Tikka Masala with Meat Free Chicken & Rice (@NLi10) @holland_barrett

Well - I've had this sitting on my desk at work since the last review.  It's like space food - it's not going anywhere and it's still going to be great.

The last Loma Linda was great, and affordable (and filling!) so lets see what Holland & Barrett have for us this time.

This one is Tikka Masala - only without the chicken and with some nice soy stuff.

It's healthy and takes 2 mins to prepare so is a great lunch.  Its maybe not as aesthetic as the pack shot - but it's still pretty great to look at and smell.

Not died up like some microwave food, and it has a lot of flavour still.  The textures of all the different bits are noticeable - especially the not-chicken.  They've not really managed to get the flavour on the meat to contrast with the flavour of the sauce (the secret to a good Tikka Masala) but for the price and convenience this is superb.  The Thai one slightly edges this for me, but both are well above the quality I'd anticipated.

H&B are still delivering (and some stores still open) during the lockdown so I'm quite tempted to pop an order in.  Up to two weeks delivery.

It's good to have something in reserve, but now I'm down to the emergency Pot Noodle...

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