4 April 2020

Flensburger Pilsner Beer (Aldi) By @SpectreUK

Flensburger Pilsner Beer

I generally drink alcohol four times a week now. I have beer or a large Southern Comfort and lemonade on the three weekdays that I weight lift on, as I've burnt a few more calories and like the treat. I also have a port and cheese meal on Sundays, as I'm getting on a bit, and I can't help it… And I'm not talking about one of those teeny tiny glasses you get in a restaurant, I mean a wine glass of port.

Anyway, I weight lift on Fridays, so have started writing up most of my beer blog on Fridays and finishing it off on the Saturday. Lately I seem to have had a few lagers that were coming up to their best before date. This Flensburger Pilsner has worked its way to the front of my beer fridge and I noticed it was on date yesterday. It's a trial but I just had to drink it… Now I have a bad habit of dozing off in the afternoons from all the working out I do in the mornings, and besides, I'm getting on a bit and I can't seem to help it. I dozed off yesterday afternoon, then went for a walk followed by a quick jog before phoning my mom who's isolated herself in her retirement apartment building. She's pretty lonely being mostly stuck inside as all the other residents who are usually chatty are keeping away from each other because of this terrible virus, so whilst on the phone to me she talked for ages. I then was called for my dinner…

I'd started writing some notes about this lager before I called my mom up. I knew I had a pasta meal, as miraculously we found some pasta in our latest food order. I figured I'd pop open the bottle and then write this blog for this Flensburger Pilsner after my dinner. Here's the caveat (or excuse, however you want to look at it); I rarely have garlic bread, so was pretty surprised to have some with my meal. I have to be honest and admit to you that on opening this Flensburger Pilsner after my meal, although I did get a whiff of sweet malts and pilsner there was also no small amount of garlic. On tasting this lager it did have sweet malts to start with and then a fresh bite of pilsner, but also there was no small amount of garlic at the back of the flavour. I'm not sure that's what the brewers were going for, but from what I did taste of this Flensburger Pilsner, it tasted great - honest! However, I'd have to recommend that you don't drink this beer during or after a meal were no small amount of garlic is consumed. Perhaps a fishy or lightly spiced meal would be more appropriate?

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