21 April 2020

Kit Kat Senses - Millionaire’s Shortbread (Asda) By @Cinabar

Restricting myself (mostly) to internet grocery orders doesn’t necessarily mean missing out on some new products. Obviously there is less launching. Asda have been quite good at keeping new products on their site, so long as you can get a slot, there are some interesting things to explore. I found these Kit Kat Senses: Millionaire’s Shortbread edition after searching through the chocolate section.
I have been trying to cut back a bit on calories and I’m pleased to say that these bars are packaged as twin sticks and each bar has 117 calories, so isn’t actually too bad at all for a treat. I must say as well the packaging is lovely, they are in a smart box inside of which are old fashioned style foil and paper wrappers. They looked very smart.
There is quite an intense sweet smell from these bars and mixed with the chocolate they were very appetising. There is no shortbread in these Kit Kat Senses: Millionaire’s Shortbread, which is a bit disappointing but they contain the usual Kit Kat wafer. The flavour is very rich and there is plenty of creamy butter flavour and rich caramel. There is supposed to be a crunch but there is so much else going on with he wafer and the chocolate I couldn’t really pick up on it. My sweet tooth still really enjoyed the bar and all that sweet caramel taste and calorie wise I didn’t feel too guilty either.

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