9 April 2020

Pie-solation - Higgidy Chicken & Chorizo Pie (@NLi10)

As my partner and I are NHS workers we qualify for the early morning shopping slots (which are a confusing thing to need - but these are the times) and she popped to Tesco and as a result we have new things to review!

Higgidy make great veggie and vegan pies, but I like the meats so I tend to have something else alongside my partners veggie choices.  But - this has shown up and it looks a bit special and different.

Not only does it have two kinds of meat (Chicken & Chorizo), it also has a 'mash-top' with paprika potatoes so while this is less pastry :(  it's also a nice change :)  and it got quite crispy when I slightly over-cooked it :D

It didn't do it any real harm though and the insides were chunky and full of flavour.  It's certainly something I'd have again, and while not quite as filling as my traditional Pieminister it was possibly more suited to a meal with sides (sometimes PM & Potatoes is a little too much).

I could taste all the different things going on - the chorizo was good quality and the chicken was as good as the fresh meat pies that my dad makes.  A superb addition to the fridge pie range, and almost as good as a farm-shop fresh version.  And int he end I loved having the potato built in as it was a bonus texture without the extra hassle of making your own mash.  A good result!

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