2 April 2020

Lockdown Snacks - Spilva Kiploku, Lithuanian Pasta Bake (@NLi10)

Ah - well it's still easy enough to get foods - but maybe not what you'd usually go for - or exactly what the recipie requires.  Case in point - its easy to get Pasta - but Pasta Bake sauces?  Couldn't find one.  So I just grabbed a red sauce and added a bit of water.

This is a Lithuanian brand of garlic (guessing) sauce which looked fab and so was our designated dinner.  Like I mentioned I rinsed the jar out and used that (mixed in) to make it more of a pasta bake.

And here we have 5 kinds of pasta - different shapes and brands - long, wavey, letters, circles, spirals.

All kinds of yummy and with different adsorption and textures it makes it quite fun.

One cheesy side for the veggie, one olive side for me, and three 'bake at home' breads we had at the back of the cupboard.  Yum!

The sauce had a little chilli kick too, and was far to tomatoey for what we used it for with a massive hit of garlic.  Amazing. Definitly going to try a bolognaise with this at some point too.

Proof that humanity can survive in after The Event as long as pasta & olives are still available.

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