11 April 2020

Cwtch Welsh Red Ale (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

Cwtch Welsh Red Ale

The word "Cwtch" can either mean a cubbyhole or cuddle. I'm sure most of us could do with a cuddle at the moment with what's going on in the world. Isolation from friends and family can be a lonely time, especially during a season of celebration such as the Easter holidays. People seem to be doing things in a virtual environment in an attempt to make up for it. Cinabar attended a virtual leaving party for her work friend the other day where thirty or so people turned up online. Cinabar has also set up two virtual video calls a week with my mom who lives on her own in another town nearby, which seems to cheer up my mom. So you can take this blog as a virtual cuddle from us to you!

Cwtch is a Welsh Red ale produced by Tiny Rebel, in Newport, Wales. At 4.6% volume Cwtch has a particularly funky bright and cheerful can. On the back of the can it states that Cwtch has a toffee and citrus aroma, with a reddish colour and a fruity and malty taste. When I saw 'red', I first suspected and hoped that this would be rye beer, but looking at the ingredients Cwtch is made with barley malts and also wheat.

I wasn't expecting the can to explode all over me on opening, but after years of blogging about beer I now have lightening quick reckons to make sure I don't miss a drop. After shoving the fountaining can opening into my mouth I can indeed agree with the fruity and malty taste description. This beer didn't appear to be red in colour to me, rather like a muddy brown. There is a toffee-esque sweetness in the aroma with citrus from the hops.

On taste this is a very flavoursome ale. Cwtch is one of those traditional ales you can drink a few and feel full enough not to eat a big dinner. Even the contents of a 330ml can feels like a wholesome meal. It's a comfort cuddling beer that wrapped me up in its fruity malty favours to start with, followed by a little citrus bitterness from the hops for a final waker-upper into the aftertaste.

The can is possibly a little bright in colour for this traditional tasting red ale. Cwtch needs a dimly lit room with a comfy settee covered in cushions in front of a big TV screen which is playing a black and white detective thriller. There should be a big packet of Ready Salted crisps emptied into a bowl nearby, next to another bowl full of toffee coated popcorn. Mmm… bliss…

Cheers, happy Easter and virtual cuddles to you all!

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