30 July 2020

Polish Pre-filled Pancakes! Nalesniki Z Truskawkami (@NLi10)

While picking up the Polish Pirogi from last week I also grabbed something for desert!

These are Nalesniki Z Truskawkami - which appear to be pancakes with strawberry jam in them - at least that's what the Western Europeans would do.

But essentially here it's just strawberry paste - maybe - I don't know...

Lets fry them!

They look a bit broken here...

The vegan (frozen Nutella) distracts from the crepe disaster that we see before us.  The filling is dark and gooey, much more like a puree than a jam.  And it's nice - but you couldn't get away with selling these to people on your Christmas market stall as it is!  The flavour of the coconut oil I fried them in really added to it but I think made them stick too much.

But you get 4 in the pack so I got creative!  Good old George Formby Grill (Turned Out Nice Again!) to the rescue - get it to temp - plop them on - roll them about every few minutes - pristine pudding!

OK - maybe a little overdone on the sides - but that's part of the crispy pancake appeal.  The tastes were very similar (minus the coconut) but the texture was much more professional.  Lets put in an application for the Christmas market and charge £5 for 2!

All round success once the cooking had been sorted, and another authentic taste to add to the pudding menu.


Claudia said...

I love how it says "Semi finished food product ready to eat after heat treatment" :D

zeddy said...

"They look a bit broken here..."

They look like some placenta!

NLi10 said...

All of the Polish food has 'good enough' translation which is why I cooked my Pierogi incorrectly the first time XD I think it makes it more charming.

And yeah - they don't look like good pancakes in that one - I think the ceramic pan and the coconut oil need more supervision to stop these sticky things sticking. I wonder if they intended me to drop them in the fryer?!