28 July 2020

Walkers Katsu Curry Crisps (Iceland) By @Cinabar

Walkers Katsu Curry Crisps

There would have been a time in the early days of this blog when the idea of Katsu curry crisps would have blown my mind, as it happens I’ve tried Katsu Curry crisps a couple of times before, but these are the first ones from Walkers that I’ve seen. Don’t get me wrong Walkers are quite adventurous too. The other KAtsu Curry crisps were from the Co-Op and Marks and Spencers, the choice of crisps is good in the UK.
These Walkers Katsu Curry Crisps are part of the restaurant menu where Walkers are recreating classics as crisps flavour. I like Katsu Curry but haven’t had the ‘Yo!’ version, but I have had the meal at other places (Wagamama).
These crisps had a surprisingly strong flavour, although the curry taste was creamy it was also packing a punch of spice and flavour. For me it was like a Katsu Curry Plus, strong and tasty and very moreish. I think there was tomato in there too. Perhaps the curry from ‘Yo!’ is stronger to the one I’m used to, as a crisps flavour this worked perfectly. I rate these above the previous versions I’ve tried, hot spicy meaty chicken for the win.

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