17 July 2020

Heinz Chilli & Lime Salad Dressing Spray (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

Heinz Chilli & Lime Salad Dressing Spray

I eat more salad in summer than I do in winter, I’d say this season is healthier but I also eat more ice cream when the weather is warm so it balances out. I was having a look at salad dressings and I saw this spray-on dressing and it is low calorie too. My first thought was I had never worried about the calories in a salad dressing before, I mean you only put a splash on and the rest is literally lettuce. Do people loose sleep over calories in salad dressing? Anyway, it is low calorie, it is also in the form of a spray which seems quite innovative.
Opening the pack wasn’t fun, the plastic seal was quite thick and difficult to rip into on the ‘tear’ here strip. It broke, I fought with it, I won but it made me unhappy. I put some lettuce in the bowl and sprayed a few times, and then tossed the salad. I needed a few more sprays than I had anticipated but at 2 calories a spray I guess it doesn’t matter. The dressing was tasty though, the chilli was just a little warm but the zesty lime was fresh and tasty. It does work on a summer salad. I couldn’t decide if I liked the spray element but I’ll happily use up the rest of the dressing on summer salads.

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