28 March 2021

Artisanal Sourdough Bread or Meteorite? (@NLi10)

What is this meteor that has struck the worktop?  It's a 'loaf' of artisanal sour-dough bread from a special order bakery.  Truly a luxury in this time of lockdown.

It even comes in a lovely brown bag.

I am however convinced of one thing - artisanal means 'very hard to slice'!

This took real effort to carve - but it doesn't look too bad - the crust while a little burnt and a little hard was lovely too.  The flavours are all there and the middle is like a sponge cake - I just think that for me and my dodgy wrists I'd be better off getting a sliced one that maybe is less fresh towards the weekend than this was.  It's still fluffy and lovely today too!

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