18 March 2021

Giovani Rana Filled, Pan-Fried Gnocchi - Tomato & Mozzarella (@NLi10)

 Spoiler pic for the tweets & Instagram stories!

Oh no - so good I forgot to take a picture in the bag!

We've been pan-frying our Gnocchi for a little while now after discovering the Rana plain ones to fry.  And they have all been amazing - I'd eat some right now!

These however - have a filling - which sounds like a pain to make.

Look at them - burnt on the sides, and squishy in the middle. Some with a little tail.  Ragu cooking in the background.

And here the tomato is bursting out as I cooked them for a few seconds too long.

Amazing stuff, lovely fillings and great potato dough stuff.  Either the best starter ever for 4, or add some veggies and sauce for 2.  I'd eat these every day if I could.

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