11 March 2021

Royal Flush - sophisticated non-alcoholic sparkling wine-esque kombucha-like drink (@NLi10)

 Kombucha is great.  It's like someone tried to turn tea into vinegar and stumbled upon a lovely drink at the half-way point.

This non-alcoholic sparkling fermented drink called Royal Flush was offered with our delivery food (from Nando's of all places) but I bought it to keep for a more sophisticated afternoon.

Notes of rhubarb and white peach?  This is sounding like Non-alcoholic wine!  And as it's the first flush of the Kombucha process it's not super strong so that seems likely.

And it totally is!  I should have used a wine glass instead of a beer glass - but I wasn't to know at the time.

It's very drinkable and refreshing.  One that you could easily have in a wine glass in a pub without anyone noticing at all.  It has a slight kombucha hit to it, but otherwise is something even a non-brewed drinker might appreciate.

Top marks - will happily order again!

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