7 March 2021

Popcorn Shed - Union Shack Cherry Bakewell Popcorn (@NLi10)

Today - we eat like a King!

How do we do that? We cover corn in sugar!  Doesn't sound likely right.  We don't even have a King!

This is of course from the Brexit Hamper we received for Christmas - review here - but now we've eaten the shortbread (sublime) and the fudge (fine) and the tea (very British) we can get onto the popcorn.

So - this is luxury popcorn, but unlike Proppercorn which is exactly my bag, it's a version of the Butterkist coated popcorn.  Hmmm....

It's a bit silly, but it's clearly light hearted and great for sending abroad or taking home from the airport

Look at this lad, being a tourist attraction.  Best paid human statues on the planet!

First note is these are colourful, reds and whites in the normal bag of yellow.  Lots of crispiness and opening it produces wonderful aromas

Here are two joined together.  Even more luxury.  This isn't popcorn dust and hard kernels - this is light fluffy centres with flavoured outsides that aren't too powerful.  My partner isn't a popcorn or sweets fan - but  said these were great and would have finished them if I'd not hidden them for tonight.

The cherry reminds me of the good sweets, the corn flavours are deep and satisfying.  While I do love the zany flavours of Propercorn I think that these are the best coated Popcorn I've tasted so far - and are totally a present-grade snack. 

Popcorn Shed can be proud of what they've done here, quirky branding and attractive art with a product that passes the Queen's inspection with flying colours.  I will be finding more flavours of these and reporting back.

Another hit from the hamper!


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