23 March 2021

Cadbury Mini Eggs Bar (Tesco) By @Cinabar

Cadbury Mini Eggs Bar

Sometimes I don’t think things through completely. I ordered this Cadbury Mini Eggs chocolate bar online with my groceries and popped it on the kitchen table when it arrived content in the fact that I had bought a chocolate of bar that would also contain ‘Cadbury Mini Eggs’, I mean look at the packaging. I did not stop to think how Mini Eggs in a bar would work, in retrospect Cadbury Mini Eggs are a bit too substantial in size to fit in a chocolate bar, they would take up most of the bar. Now I think about it I realise it wouldn’t work. The bar wrapper states Mini Eggs in large text but underneath it states in smaller print ‘with micro mini egg inclusions’ which is a bit weird and a bit disappointing if I’m honest.

Cadbury Mini Eggs Bar

Once the bar was unwrapped you could see bits of the micro mini eggs colours showing through, when you brake a piece off you can see there are quite a few distributed too. The taste is lovey creamy sweet familiar Dairy Milk and these is a nice sugar shell crunch. I like the texture from the candy shells. This is a nice bar, with good old Cadbury chocolate. It is an Easter edition because of the Mini Eggs, but there aren’t really any Mini Eggs so despite me realising it wouldn’t have worked I still came away disappointed. I’m still going to much the rest of this watching Cobra Kai on Netflix, it is nice chocolate, I’m just not sure what it was I was expecting.

Cadbury Mini Eggs Bar


Anonymous said...

I was so disappointed with these!! They aren't mini eggs!! Still finished the bar though!!

cinabar said...

Well yes the bar is nice Cadbury chocolate with a bit of a crunch but seriously WHERE are the full size Mini Eggs??? :-(