30 March 2021

Tango Dark Berry (Ocado) By @Cinabar

Tango Dark Berry

I was quite excited to see a new flavour from Tango on the Ocado website, these cans of Tango Dark Berry looked rather interesting. I will start by saying it is sugar free drink and does therefore contain sweeteners which I know will put some people off completely but I’m quite happy with diet flavours, so that is my disclaimer. I’m used to artificial sweeteners, sorry folks.

The Tango Dark Berry is a mix of blackcurrant, blackberry and apple and it pours out as quite a dark purple coloured drink. As you would expect with Tango there is plenty of fizz and bubbles. The flavour reminds me of blackcurrant and apple as the berries come through first and are tart but are then softened by the sweeter softer apple flavour. I pick up mostly on the blackcurrant over the blackberry but that might be because I’m used to that favour being mixed with apple in cordials and that is what this reminded me of.

There was plenty of flavour and it was a lovely drink, I’m glad I bought a six pack of cans as they are nice and refreshing on these warmer days. Here is hoping the weather holds out too.

Tango Dark Berry

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Unknown said...

I added fresh squeezed lime juice to it and it blew my world, I'd recommend the combo greatly.