24 March 2021

Soreen Vegan Chocolate & Orange flavour (Gifted) By @SpectreUK

Soreen Vegan Chocolate & Orange flavour

I have a mini loaf of Soreen everyday with my lunch. At generally just under 100 calories I always find them a perfect healthy tasty treat, as I munch on whatever fruit and eat my protein yoghurt that I have after my sandwich, crisps and the ubiquitous tomato. If I have a chocolate bar instead at the same amount of calories, I don't find it quite as filling. Besides there's always a little guilt that goes with chocolate. Although I have a much smaller stomach these days, so can't seem to fit an awful lot in there before I start to feel full.

I actually like all the flavours of Soreen mini loaves. The original flavour is probably my favourite, but I do really like the apple flavour and the strawberry flavour. I was pretty shocked when we had a delivery of the banana flavoured Soreen mini loaves as a replacement a while ago. I don't usually like anything flavoured with banana, as it can be such a strong flavour in most snacks and drinks. However, I even like the banana flavoured Soreen mini loaves.. "So can Soreen do anything badly?" You may be asking, we'll find out...

Easter is well on the way and Soreen have brought out these Chocolate & Orange flavoured mini loaves. Soreen very kindly sent me a packet of five mini loaves, and also all of their other flavours. So that'll keep me going on lunch snacks for a good long while. These Chocolate & Orange flavoured mini loaves are Vegan approved.

On opening the first Chocolate & Orange flavoured mini loaf there was a zingy Orange smell from the deep brown loaf. There are milk chocolate chips running through the loaf. The squidgy brown loaf had a predominantly orange malty flavour with the milk chocolate chips merging for a chocolate bonus towards the aftertaste. I found these Soreen Chocolate & Orange flavoured mini loaves delicious, and I'm rather chuffed with my lunchtime stash of all the other flavours of Soreen mini loaves too!

Information on the packet;
There are 5 mini loaves in a packet, with each 30g loaf at 106 calories, with 2.1g of fat, 6.5g of sugar, and 0.2g of salt. Please see ingredients in photograph.

Soreen Vegan Chocolate & Orange flavour

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Anonymous said...

At Halloween they release blood orange and chocolate mini loaves they are delicious!