25 March 2021

Rana Pan-Fry Gnocchi - Pumpkin version! (@NLi10)

Is it Halloween?  It feels like it with this Pumpkin variety of our newly-beloved pan-fry gnocchi.

Rana Family have again brought the quality - and it's a generous 2 person portion - really you could stretch this to three with no issues.

Look at their dusty orange magnificence!

Put butter in pan - fry lightly until crispy on all sides.

Bury in leaves and garlic bread and enjoy with a movie!

As ever these have an amazing texture and the crisp/chewy combo only adds to the subtle pumpkin flavour these add.  The butter fry is recommended as it adds a salty tang to the outside and improves the crunch.

I'm going to keep buying all the flavours, but I think I've reviewed all the key ones now!


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