27 March 2021

Disco Forklift Truck Beer (Morrisons) By @SpectreUK

Disco Forklift Truck Beer

Disco Forklift Truck Is a Mango Pale Ale. Fun fact some may know and others may not; I don't like mango. I don't like mango as a fruit, or mango flavouring anything in drinks or ice cream. However, and this makes no sense to me... I won't eat a curry without Mango Chutney on the side with my Papadums!

Brewed by the Drygate Brewery in Glasgow this possibly refreshing, possibly revolting 5.1% volume Disco Forklift Truck was indeed brewed with actual mangos, and with caramel malt and tropical hops. The can tries to spice things up by recommending you live it up at a disco or try washing down a barbecue with this mango pale ale. I do love a good barbecue, and I guess the disco is out for a good long while... but hopefully things will start to get back to normal in the later part of this year. Unfortunately it's also a bit iffy outside right now for a barbecue.

On opening the rather cheerful tropical looking can there was certainly a fruity tropical aroma from the beer inside. In the smell there was a mix of tropical fruits with mango, possibly passion fruit, and even papaya. This deep shining golden Disco Forklift Truck poured with a fluffy excitable head. There was more tropical fruity aroma from the glass, but I also noticed there was a fair sweetness mixed in from the pale malts. On taste I expected to be overwhelmed by the mango, but the right amount in my opinion, humble as it may be, was added in the brewing. The tropical hops and mango quickly gave way to the sweet malts into the aftertaste. Very nice indeed.

I was surprised to like this mango pale ale Disco Forklift Truck straight away. I know I wanted to dislike it from reading the can after being presented it with a smirk from Cinabar. It's rare indeed if I don't like a beer, even rarer if I pour one away. I savoured every drop of this Disco Forklift Truck and might even hunt down another. In my humble opinion, I reckon it will go rather well with a good spicy curry!

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