16 March 2021

Pringles Pulled Pork Burger (Sainsbury's) By @Cinabar

Pringles Pulled Pork Burger

We were having a sort out of the crisps mountain, I mean crisps cupboard, in the kitchen and found this tube of Pringles Pulled Pork Burger variety. They were still in date! These Pringles were released with a football competition on the packet but for me it is all a out the new flavour and I do like pulled pork. Spectre accidentally looked at the calories on the pack and reminded us both why you should never check Pringles, just know the focus is on tasty rather above anything else. We shared some with sandwiches and fruit, for balance! We didn’t even finish the tub (well we did but not until later in the evening which obviously doesn’t count).

The flavour was really nice, there was quite a lot of meatiness from the pork and the smokey sweet barbecue flavour too that worked well. I could pick up on paprika and nice spices and thought it went well with the base pork taste. As ever with Pringles they are far too moreish and the temptation is to eat the whole tube, despite the fact that it reseals. I suspect these were a limited edition that is coming to an end which is a shame as they are seriously good crisp flavour. I do like meaty flavours. On the bright side we found plenty of other goodies to explore in the slightly more organised crisp cupboard, including some chilli cheese Pringles for another day.

Pringles Pulled Pork Burger

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