29 March 2021

Mint M&Ms (USA) By @Cinabar

Mint M&Ms (USA)

Time is flying at the minute, somehow we are almost in April and I think I blinked and missed some of the year. The only good thing about it is that Monday has come around again and that means time to open up some M&Ms for the very special even we call M&Ms Mondays. We have been writing about a different flavour each week, because outside of the UK there are loads of interesting ones to try! This week we have a bag of Mint M&Ms and as I have a love of peppermint I couldn’t wait to try these.

Mint M&Ms (USA)

Inside the bag the M&Ms are red, white and green and the filling is a solid peppermint flavour milk chocolate. These sweets have a good balance of flavour with plenty of chocolate and a lovely cooling kick of mint. They are very moreish. I can see that the packaging for the Mint M&Ms is christmassy but I would hope these are available all year. If I could pick one flavour that I would love the UK to release it is these ones (unless anyone has found cinnamon M&Ms anywhere). These are sweet but fresh and minty and they would bring a nice new (but still safe) flavour to the UK and really break up the stale selection we currently have.

Mint M&Ms (USA)

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Paulham said...

Next to the chewy toffee variety ( toffee Treats, anyone?) these are just about the best M&Ms.
Marshall Mathers approved. ;-)