14 March 2021

Merchant Gourmet Aromatic Persian-Style Quinoa & Lentils (@NLi10)

 I'm a big fan of grains, and simple things that I can make without effort.  These bags are very similar to the old Uncle Bens rice bags - but they contain a lot more excitement.

Merchant make the lovely pre-chopped Sundried tomatoes that I use in as much of my cooking as possible so when I saw these on offer I had to pick up 4 to try.

It's healthy, has lots of meal suggestions - and instantly smells amazing!

Naturally I gently warmed them in the pan with a little water - you can whack them in the microwave but that dries them out and ruins the experience a little.

And I added them to some falaffell and tomatoes from the oven and some olives from the fridge.  Healthy (ish) Middle-Eastern (ish) meal in 15 mins.  Hooray.

And I still have three flavours left to try.


Stella said...

this looks very very nice!!

cinabar said...

Thanks :-)

Stella said...

My kind of food! Don't think I can buy it over here in Holland, but perhaps I will make it myself one day! I read this sit for fun and inspiration!