4 March 2021

Jamie Oliver Carbonara Tortelloni - little pasta parcels (@NLi10)

Jamie made my favourite ever UK Carbonara, then he changed it so it wasn't as good and his restaurants all closed.  I've had better Carbonara at Italian restaurants in Italy (of course) .

Here we have a home version - but how traditional is it?

Looks fairly like recipe one to me - yippee!

Boil water - time - eat!

Serve with bunny ears of Olive bread and actual olives and defend from cats due to enticing aroma.

And...?  Well they are fine.  Giovani Rana does better blends of pasta parcel - chopped not blended of course so they still have texture.  This is quite basic paste in luxury pasta.  Enjoyable light meal - but without all the additions I'd be convinced this was a stores-own brand pasta, not a top chef.


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