19 March 2021

Cadbury Flake Dipped - Coconut Flavoured Chocolate (GB Gifts) By @Cinabar

Cadbury Flake Dipped - Coconut Flavour Chocolate

We don’t get limited edition Cadbury Flakes in the UK very often at all. Years ago we used to have a white chocolate Flake covered in Milk Chocolate called Cadbury ‘Snow Flake’ if I remember correctly. Foodstuff Finds is more than ten years old and that bar pre-dates this website! So yes, we have been a bit short of interesting Flakes recently. The same isn’t true in Australia though and thankfully we can get their imports via internet shopping, perfect in a lockdown. I ordered a lovely selection of chocolate goodies online and that included this Cadbury Flake Dipped with Coconut Flavour Chocolate, which sounded quite different. We don ’t get a lot of coconut products here either so I was looking forward to this.

The bar is dipped in milk chocolate which makes it a little less messy than a regular Flake but it still is very crumbly as it is all Flake on the inside. The flavour is very rich, there are all the lovely tones of Cadbury milk chocolate and creamy sweet coconut taste running through it too. It has none of the coconut texture (which some people don’t seem to like) but the flavour is wonderfully exotic coconut and chocolate through and through. This is one bar I would happily buy again even at import prices and I just wish they would release something like it here too.

Cadbury Flake Dipped - Coconut Flavour Chocolate

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