21 March 2021

Easter Cronut - WhyNot? Coffee Bearwood (@Nli10)

 Puddings are yummy.  We miss not being able to eat out in cafe's so occasionally my partner picks up a cake to take away (people getting coffee to take away are doing it wrong) usually from Whynot? Coffee in Bearwood as it's near the good supermarket.

Today we got a cronut - which is a croissant mixed with a fried doughnut.  I'd much rather have one of each - but this is a nice hybrid.

You can tell it's an Easter cronut as they put things on top.

Mmmm - fresh coconut but not Cadbury mini-eggs!

And inside there is an amazing vanilla crème - the highlight of the whole thing!

Luxury puddings should not be a casualty of LockDown, but I'd prefer to sit and eat them there too.


Stella said...

Looks and sounds yummy!!

cinabar said...

A bit of lockdown indulgence ;-)

Stella said...

Absolutely!! I feel the same! I am Dutch and living in the Netherlands. Last night our PM told us that the restrictions cannot be eased as yet. What a pity! So even more reason for a treat from time to time! Regards, Nicolet