13 March 2021

The Original Small Beer (Waitrose) By @SpectreUK

The Original Small Beer

I quite often fancy a session beer. It can be rare to find a beer that doesn't pack a punch and make me dizzy if I drink it too quick in the afternoon. And don't mention Mead to me... Woosh... it goes straight to my head! Of course I'd never drink during working hours... perish the thought! Besides session beers were brewed to be drunk during working hours when beer and booze was second nature and a lost finger here and there on heavy machinery possibly a daily event. Nah, just kidding. 

At 2.5% in volume The Original Small Beer is a "Small Beer for big thinkers". This Is The Original Small Beer's Brewery's idea of a "Brewvolution of thinking big, but drinking small". Brewed in their South Bermondsey Brewery, this Session Pale Ale should go well after my working day at home. I want something that is small to drink, and so not particularly high in calories. Cinabar baked a Rainbow Cake yesterday. It tastes like you'd buy one in a store. I had a huge piece with my white hot chocolate last night. It was bliss. The perfect pudding. It's my beer night tonight, and Cinabar had shown me earlier just how much butter she'd added to the cake to make it. A Small Beer is what I'm looking for, and here it is...

On opening the bottle there was quite a strong malty smell from the bright golden beer inside. There is an oatiness to the smell mixed with wheat as well in the malty aroma. On pouring this beer, this excitable brew had a deep fluffy head. The thick mix of sweet malts, and wheat and oats springs to the fore on first taste, making a fulfilling meal of a flavour to start with. This is followed by a herbal hoppy bitterness that made my lips smack.

This Small Beer tastes like a big beer in a small bottle. Flavoursome to the max, there is no hint of low alcohol about it. I certainly didn't miss it. The flavours of malts, oats and wheat and herbal bitterness even complemented my big piece of sweet lush Rainbow Cake after my dinner, making this Small Beer almost a pudding beer for its versatility. You see; "Small Beer - Big Thinking!"

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