24 January 2021

A British Brexit Hamper for Christmas - Tea & Fudge (@NLi10)

I love(d) being part of the EU - Summer 2019's reviews were mostly me on a train exploring Eurofoods.  For Christmas one of our granddparents bought us hampers - and the first choice for us was out of stock so we got this one - tea, biscuits, and snacks - perfect!

Well - the theme is a little flag waving - but as the people that bought it are also very much fans of the freedom to explore Europe it turned it into an amusing talking point (and doesn't take away from the quality contents).

Like this Union Jack Tea.

Ten lovingly individually wrapped tea-bags from a luxury British Brand is nice.

Packed in India of course - which isn't EU - it's the Colonies.

From my point of view this is more fascinating as a cultural item due to all the languages on the box - this is intended to be sold to non-brits (or maybe Ex Pat in Britain & France) that miss tea that goes well with milk (Lipton is best drunk black with a little sugar, PG/this is best with a little milk and no sugar).

I always like it when the bags tell you how to make it - I still want to turn the import tea version of this into a 'Tea shirt'   Maybe this is so Americans don't use the water out of the coffee temp machine.  That's not suitable for proper British Tea!

And it brews up quite nicely, it's a really smooth and underpowered cup of tea.  Very much for the tastes of people who don't like green tea, and makes English Breakfast seem like Builders Tea.

A very refreshing cuppa, but not one I'd chase for personal use.  I'd love to gift this to someone who misses Britain though - it's perfect for that!

Next we have some Very British Fudge - I mean if you ignore that sugar and palm oil aren't from England anyway.  Maybe the only other ingredient (condensed milk) is from local dairies - that tends to be why they sell fudge in the rural areas using local clotted cream.

I like sugary things, but fudge doesn't really hit the spot for me.  This tastes of strawberries as advertised (british!) but has flavouring and not actual strawberries (also very British these days!).  I'll stick to the tea.

The hamper is a perfect gift for someone to take back to Europe with them (or some Remain believers that want to chuckle that so little of it can be made in the UK).



Stella said...

I am sad that the UK left the European Union, and yesterday I was sad to hear that Eurostar might not survive the corona crisis! I love UK goodies and cannot wait for my next trip across the Channel!

cinabar said...

I'm worried about all the lovely things I import from Europe too, sad times.