3 January 2021

Gunna Drinks - Moscovite (Mint Lemonade) & PinkPunk (Pink Lemonade) - @NLi10

So - we are continuing the theme of social drinks with the remaining two Gunna flavours from the NYE tower of soft drinking (the Green & Steelworks Gunna Cola are here)

After today I'm going to be drinking a lot of Kombucha!

First up we have the Raspberry Lemonade.  Probably the hardest sell for me due to my love of Fentiman's Rose Lemonade.

It looks pinker than my dodgy eco lighting suggests - I need to take more of the pictures during the day!

This has a lovely flavour, more reminiscent of the pink pop of my childhood than the more sophisticated blends, and it really benefits for it. Of the three this is the one I'd soonest buy for me, but frankly there are no bad options here.  Variety pack required!

This is probably the oddest of the three that we tried - it's basically a mocktail mojito.  Very refreshing, but more of a sipping drink or a mixer than a refreshing big gulp.

It's almost crying out for a sprig of fresh mint, and a tall glass with ice, and a summer...

Probably great with Mexican food too.

So - overall Gunna's Facebook post promised that they did familiar drinks with an interesting twist - and I agree.  These were all worth a look and far more exciting than the standard brands.  Although I may not be willing to walk back a full case of these from the high-street I'll Certainly adding these to online delivery orders.


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