27 January 2021

Twirl Breakaway (GB Gifts) By @SpectreUK

Twirl Breakaway (GB Gifts)

I'm being showered with import chocolate at the moment. Cinabar has bought a stockpile of chocolate from GB Gifts. Last week it was the Cadbury's Flake Luxury. This week it's a Cadbury's Twirl Breakaway. Well, I did mention how much I like Cadbury's Twirls, so it seemed a natural choice for Cinabar to buy from the website.

A Cadbury's Twirl Breakaway is two fingers of chocolate, not in an 'up your's' sense, but more of a lean towards the traditional Cadbury's Twirl. These fingers or sticks have swirls and curls of chocolate in between layers of crispy wafer coated with Cadbury's Dairy Milk Chocolate. It sounds pretty good, eh? Well, only if you like wafer. The trouble is... I don't like wafer. I'll likely eat a wafer if someone insults a cone of ice cream with one, but I'd prefer a Cadbury's Flake in a cone of ice cream any day. Having said that, in one ice cream shop I had a stick of fudge added to my ice cream cone, which was amazeballs!

At around 108 calories per stick this Cadbury's Twirl Breakaway is fairly healthy. Having said that, an original Cadbury's Twirl weighs in at 114 calories per stick, so not much difference there. I have worked out quite a bit in the kitchen gym, so I have an original Cadbury's Twirl to eat also, as a sort of compare and contrast.

Twirl Breakaway (GB Gifts)

On opening the Cadbury's Twirl Breakaway there was a crunch from the crispy wafer at the top of the bar. As you can see from the photograph, there is wafer just under the milk chocolate coating at the top and bottom of the Cadbury's Twirl Breakaway stick. The curls and swirls of chocolate give a Dairy Milk Chocolate creaminess mixed with the chocolate coating. The wafer melted in my mouth pretty quickly.

These Cadbury's Twirl Breakaway are a very tasty alternative to an original Cadbury's Twirl, which I rather enjoyed straight afterwards. Both Cadbury's Twirls variations complemented each other very well indeed. Although in a taste versus calories battle I'd go with an original Cadbury's Twirl on its own. They both were washed down with a white hot chocolate drink. Pure bliss.

Twirl Breakaway (GB Gifts)


Paulham said...

Sounds pretty dry. Needs gooey caramel centre.

cinabar said...

Everything needs caramel though right? I actually liked the texture with this, but not so much I'd rush to buy another.