14 January 2021

Two different varieties of Raspberry and Lemonade Kombucha - no sugar, but all the taste! (@NLi10)

 Kombucha was a big thing a few years ago - but now? It seems no one wants to read about it.  It's become almost commonplace, so hello to the hundred or so people that actually clicked today - you are an elite group!

Today we have two very comparable brands - so much so that I kept checking I'd not just bought two versions of the same can! 

First up - Remedy Kombucha - a little more medicinal in it's approach and even approved by 'I Quit Sugar' which I'd never even heard of!

Look how dark that is! Lovely stuff, very strong smell.

They put the sugar in - then nature eats it all and turns it into lovely fermented goodness. Yum!

Contrast that to the Lo Bro's version - it's practically clear!  I'm sure it's all due to natural Raspberry and not the kombucha itself, but this was much milder and more of a refreshing summer drink than the potent cocktail above.

It's still most definitely kombucha though - don't go getting either of these if you aren't into the whole vinegar tea beer stuff!  Cat loves the smell of the days old can for some reason!

And - I liked both!  Honestly I'd probably grab the remedy one if I'm out and about, but the Lo Bro one at home for with a meal.  And as that's pretty much how I drank them I think I slotted it right.

I have another flavour of each to go from the big drink stack - but it's not a chore at all - in fact I'm making plans to get good old Holland & Barrett to bring the drinks to me for a change.  If you accidentally participate in Dry January without noticing does it still count?

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