29 January 2021

Coffee Mate - Snickers Edition (Import via Amazon UK) By @Cinabar

Coffee Mate - Snickers Edition

Following on from my write up about Salted Caramel Coffee Mate I couldn’t resist having a look on Amazon (the UK site) to see what options there were for sale for other Coffee Mate varieties. There were lots actually although all imports, French Vanilla, Pumpkin Spice, Irish coffee and then I spotted Coffee Mate Snickers Edition and suddenly it was clear what I was going to buy!

So the box arrived and it was a cute dispenser in card board, I made myself a coffee and added a serving of of the Snickers Coffee Mate. The drink had a lovely creamy flavour of chocolate and nut, but it was a little mild I added a second serving and ended up with such a delicious coffee. It was mostly like a mocha but the addition of peanut was super soothing too. You really could taste the yummy Snickers.

I thought when this huge box of Coffee Mate Snickers arrived that I had over ordered and that there was a real risk I wouldn’t like it, now I know I need to use two pots per coffee I’m more worried about running out! This is the perfect afternoon pick me up, soothing but still works well with the coffee.

Coffee Mate - Snickers Edition

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