11 January 2021

Ribena White Peach and Hibiscus (Asda) By @Cinabar

Ribena White Peach and Hibiscus

Ribena have brought out a new cordial and confusingly it has no blackcurrants in it, which is usually their main thing. In fact apart from the name and logo of Ribena on the bottle I could easily not recognised this as one of their products. There is nowhere near enough purple anywhere for a start! The bottle is glass which is better for the environment and the whole thing is rather posh, including the name of the flavour Ribena White Peach and Hibiscus.

I poured some of the pale cordial into a glass and mixed with water. The drink looked very clear and could be mistaken for water, so the photo isn’t that interesting - sorry! The flavour of the Ribena White Peach and Hibiscus was lovely though, it is mainly peach and has a wonderful juicy fresh taste. It is sweet and flavoursome, the Hibiscus element is subtle and just adds a touch of floral to the end of the flavour. I like the drink and will happily buy another bottle, I hope the continue to expand and bring more interesting and different flavours. The only complaint I have about this Ribena White Peach and Hibiscus drink is that is tastes so summery, I look out and see the frost but find myself thinking of warmer days and barbecues. He is hoping the summer will be better this year.

Ribena White Peach and Hibiscus

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